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On a journey

Fun fact: my last name, Moyenda, translates to "on a journey" while my first name, Jah, is the Rastafarian name for God.
About me

Hi I'm Jah! Let's build something together. ☕️


My profound empathy for others is what compels me to design experiences that bring people boundless value and delight.

Hi there!  My name is Jah’rel Moyenda, but you can call me Jah! I’m an ambitious product designer from the Central Valley of California who recently graduated from UC Berkeley. During my time in university, I studied Human-Computer Interaction and my curriculum consisted primarily of courses from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Information. Previously, I was an intern at Smule, a trendy social singing platform, where I worked on a song uploading experience as well as their new Style Studio app. My previous work also includes designing for non-profits such as The AI Education Project and Central Valley Scholars. For as long as I’ve lived, I’ve been defined by my curiosity and perpetual inspiration to create. I’m always hungry to innovate and develop meaningful ideas.
As a first-generation Black queer, I often think about my role and impact in design. As I reflect on this, I feel as if there are communities not represented enough, whether that be actual designers themselves or the communities that are being focused on and included in research. This ignites a flame in me to bring representation and visibility to marginalized communities in the design space. Ultimately, it is my mission to use the power of technology to lead by example, inspire, and educate those often blocked by institutional barriers and a digital divide.

In my free time, you can catch me playing Animal Crossing or Overwatch 🕹, taking myself out on movie dates 🍿, or curating my dreams on Pinterest boards 🔮.

What’s next?

I am currently seeking full-time opportunities in product design. I'm eager to get my foot in the door and start working on problem-solving solutions that improve the every day lives of people.

If I sound like someone you'd like to work with, please don't hesitate to get in touch at jahrelim@berkeley.edu or LinkedIn! :)